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Guided tours Rome Pompeii

Guided tours Rome Pompeii, travel in history

Guided tours Rome Pompeii, explore it with Scott House, a three stars hotel close to Termini Station. We will provide you with transfer by shuttles in order to reach the archeological sites in Campania.

You can book this guided tour directly at our reception desk in Rome. It's the greatest way to visit the most important ruins in Italy.

Guided tours to the incredible Pompeii start with what remains of the ancient city ruin, located on the hills of Civita and once buried by the eruption of the Vesuvius Mountain in 79 AD.

Here you will discover and learn about old customs and daily life during the times of the old Romans era, painted and sculpted on walls of one of the best preserved roman's place available today.

A large section of these artworks, like frescoes, sculptures and everyday objects, are exposed at the local Antiquarium and the Archeologic Museum of Naples.

We will go to the nearest towns, with particular focus on old villas built on isolated private ground, away from the town and providing for breathtaking views.

"Domus", or the typical home of Pompeii inhabitants, show different details, depending on the social status of the owner.

Since 1997 is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Tickets and entry to the cultural site are not included in the price.